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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Master Trials Review

This past weekend Zelda: BOTW dropped it's first of two DLC's, The Master Trials, and having bought the expansion pack day one I was excited to get my hands on it. I took a 3 hours trip to the coast for the American Holiday -- Independence Day, so it was perfect to play The DLC comes with several masks to find after reading a secret journal. Th... Read more

Nintendo E3 Spotlight 2017

Return of Nintendo Did Nintendo win E3 2017? In my opinion, yes. They had to come out swinging to promote their latest innovation, the Nintendo Switch. Their past E3's have been pretty suspect leaving fans with a bad taste as they didn't feel connected with their audience. Well good news. They're back and better than ever. Here is a recap of t... Read more

Is the Xbox Game Pass worth it?

The Netflix of Gaming Microsoft and Xbox took a huge step in the right direction for the gaming community and rental services. On June 1st, Xbox introduced Xbox Game Pass , a subscription based service that allows consumers to browser from over 100 games to play on and offline. They offer a 2 week trial and is well worth giving it ago. Just thi... Read more

ARMS First Impressions

This weekend was the first global 'Testpunch' or open beta for Nintendo's first IP, ARMS. The upcoming 3D fighter is set to release June 16th but is offering players a chance to test it out for free during designated times. The testpunch offers different characters to choose from and an online multiplayer mode that you can play locally with a fr... Read more

Sonic Forces: Character customization announced

Everyone's favorite hedgehog is back and in full force. Get it? Force? Sonic Forces features Modern and classic Sonic and recently announced by Sega, a customizable character. Yup, that's correct, a customizable, playable character to use in the main game. Your character will join forces with you to take down the baddies. The create-a-characte... Read more