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Mayo wins Splatfest

Splatfest 2 results are in

And the winner is....#TeamMayo! Despite being huge underdogs with a 27% popularity vote in NA, NZ, and AUS, Mayo pulled off the upset winning more matches against Ketchup in Solo and Team play.

Splatfest is an event to which players compete and pick a side between two things. From there, players go out and play in turf war, repping their desired vote, and try to win matches for their team. The side with the most votes and win percentages is declared the victor.

As mentioned before, #TeamKetchup was the most popular with 73% vote and it isn't very suprising seeing as that she is lead by Marino, everyone's favorite Octoling. Many players were concerned and upset at the results as they found that they kept being matched with other Ketchup team members and that the algorithem was out of sync as a result. I ended the event being a "Ketchup Champion" which is a pretty high rank for the respected team. I matched with against the other team many times and won however others did have similar experiences according to Kotaku.

The event, itself, was very fun and I had a blast. Many players can agree as they added a new map and weapon to the game and it really brought a new element to the game. You still earn Sea Shells -- rare items used to upgrade weapons, based on your skill and play time. I don't think it is Nintendo's fault that people tend to go for the more popular choice and make it a lopsided matchmaking. Would people rather wait more than 5 minutes to get matched against the other team than jump right into a match and earn points? Share your thoughts and stay tuned for more news!